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The Historic Brooklyn Navy Yard

The latest expansion has led gCreate to the historic Brooklyn Navy Yards, an area with a rich history for manufacturing which has seen a tremendous revitalization.

Established in 1801, the Brooklyn Navy Yard served as America's premier naval shipbuilding facility for 165 years, and launched America’s mightiest warships, including the USS Monitor, the USS Arizona, and the USS Missouri. Peak activity occurred during World War II, when some 70,000 people worked at the Yard. The Yard was in continuous operation until 1966, when it was decommissioned and then sold to the City of New York. Today, the spirit of innovation again abounds on the 300-acre site, where business is booming, employment is soaring, and the Yard is undergoing its largest expansion since WWII.

-via BNYDC


gCreate HQ - NYC


gCreate proudly manufactures, assembles, tests, and ships all of their gMax 3D printers in-house in Building 77. This latest expansion will allow for increased efficiency, a strategic hiring initiative, and an additional focus on production and R&D on ground breaking technologies. It will also allow for a large expansion of their selective large format 3D printing services.


The space was designed by architect and gCreate Co-Founder, Gordon LaPlante, who made sure to encapsulate the look and feel of Brooklyn along with the gMax aesthetic. Wood and metal adorn the modern industrial style of the new space which also surrounds a huge print farm.

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