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Free 3D Files for your gMax

Try out some of the models we have uploaded for free. Better yet you can even sell them for a profit using the CC-A-SA license.


Ripple Twist Vase

We designed this unique ripple vase with a twist. It's perfect as a refuse bin or other container and it looks extra fancy with glossy filament.

The model is solid and it was designed to be printed in "spiral vase" or "spiralize contour" mode with a large nozzle size (0.8mm to 1.2mm). We scaled the original model by 400% and printed it on the gMax 2 for a true #gMaxSize experience.

gcreate bonsai planter.jpg

Bonsai Planter

We designed a beautiful and useful planter for your next bonsai  or any other household plant. It took several months to find the right plant to fit the planter but we love the results.


We have also added a nice water catching tray for the bottom. Print yours today.


Drip Lamp

This elegant pendant light was designed with an integral light shader and reflector system combined with a decorative ellipsis screen to provide a beautiful lighting pattern. It was also designed to work with a standard  cord and light base but it does require a cord stop at the top.

​Use a low temp bulb, such as a CFL when using this shade and a simple corded lamp base from Amazon.

artichoke lamp shade_combined_small.jpg

Artichoke Lamp Shade

Inspired by the geometry of an artichoke and Louis Poulsen's great lighting studies and diagrams. This beautiful lamp shade is perfect for the home or business.


Use any standard hanging light cord and a low temp bulb (such as a cfl bulb.) We purchased a standard lamp base with a 12 ft cord from amazon and it screws in the top hole with no issues.


Official gCreate Rocket

We designed the official rocket complete with a smoke stand. This rocket comes in 4 parts and each one slips together.
We have printed this in various filaments including Colorfabb PLA, colorfabb bronzefill, woodfill, ABS, glow in the dark and several others. The bronzefill is by far our favorite.


3D Printing Nerd Keychain

Show your support for one of the coolest and fastest growing 3D printing gurus, the 3D Printing Nerd. We love seeing Joel's videos, posts and images and he continues to be a huge part of the growing 3D printing community. To learn more about Joel check out all of his channels including his amazing YouTube page.

3D Printing Nerd on YouTube

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